Sunday, December 1, 2013


What a whirlwind of a break!  I have so many shoutout thanks to give as I work on this little blog of mine.

1. The Cutest Blog On The Block - They designed this free gorgeous background.  It was essentialy idiot-proof for new bloggers like myself.  I am in love.

2. Cara Carroll - Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with this woman.  She's a Teachers Pay Teachers icon and fabulous blogger!  I am constantly blog-stalking her and purchasing her amazing products on TPT.  My header is in one of her beautiful fonts (CCWhackadoodle).  I have all of her font sets (did I mention I'm obsessed with her?!) but the font used came from this set.

I am beyond excited about how good this blog looks.  Kinda looks like I actually know what I'm doing, amiright?!

I spent a bundle on some ah-mazing TPT products.  I cannot wait to send them to the printer and get them to use in Room 102!  I'll have to make a separate blog post about that as I have BIG plans for today!  The Kansas City Chiefs play at 3:30 CT today and I have tons of work to do before then so I can cheer on my main man Dexter McCluster.  Here's my rockin' Sunday to-do list:

-Finish writing detailed plans for Writer's Workshop this week. (I am so blessed that our district purchased a Writer's Workshop curriculum but the books can be a tad overwhelming, so I like to write out my own mini-versions of the plans)
-Finish grading papers
-Send tons of goodies to the school printer (How incredible is it that I can use my school laptop at home and send things to the printer at school to pick up on Monday morning?!)

Have a great last day of your weekend!

Go Chiefs,

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