Monday, December 2, 2013

I Went Back To The Sale...

Just when I thought I could handle my shopping addiction…oh TPT, you have gotten me into trouble again!  I love a good sale especially one for teachers.  I'm going to attempt my first linky party link up and share with you what I bought at the sale!  Make sure you click on the links of the products to see them in stores.  The sale is still going on through Tuesday!

Let's start with the things I bought on the first trip:

I adore the Busy Teacher's Best Friend sets.  They really do live up to the name!  I love just sending these puppies to the printer and not having to worry about extra preparations.

Please bear with me as I obsess over how much I love Susan Moran Jones' amazing writing packets.  I've had these bundles on my wish list FOREVER.  I can't wait to use these to add some pizzazz to my writing curriculum!

I'm planning on using these with my small reading group kiddos that need the extra practice on digraphs and blends.

This little packet is great for my firsties struggling with writing.  I have a few who struggle with ideas and where to begin so this will be a perfect fit!

To say I've been counting down the days until this came out would be the understatement of the year.  If you are a first grade teacher and DON'T own these packets, get out your Visa now.  They are a total Common Core game changer.  We are doing workshop models in both reading and writing this year and I have struggled with where to include language standards in my day.  These resources are so incredible, my kiddos don't even feel like I'm putting more information in their brains!  They love these activities.  I can't say enough about this product.  Susan has a bundled set of both parts in her TPT shop.  Obviously, the TPT stalkers like myself already owned Part 1 and had to buy Part 2 separately ;)

Believe it or not, that's all I bought……from Susan's shop.  Ha!  Now that I'm done selling her ah-mazing products, another TPT seller I'm a huge fan of is A Cupcake for the Teacher.  Here's what I got from her little shop:

My last item of my FIRST shopping day was this great product:

I bought the fall version on a whim & absolutely loved it!  I was patiently waiting at my computer for the winter version :)

If you're still with me, here's my mini-shopping trip from today.  I realized I wanted some fun activities for fact families and was browsing through the linky party and stumbled on this post which completely inspired me to buy this craftivity:

Being the wise person that I am, I figured I better throw a few more things in my cart to "make sure" I hit $3…which led me to these…

As an avid follower of both of these blogs, it was an easy decision to click :)

Thanks for reading this never ending post.  Guess this little blog was destined to be as long as my TPT receipt!

Happy Cyber Monday,


  1. I had way too much fun with the TPT sale, as well! Plus, after reading your post, I added the Fairy Tale facts to my cart! :)

    Searching for Teacher Balance

    1. So glad to hear that I inspired someone else's shopping :) You should check out other stuff from Haley O'Connor. She's one of my favorites and her stuff is super affordable!

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! You are the sweetest and this shout out just MADE my night :) Thank you SO much Shelby and I am so glad you and your students are able to use my stuff!!

  3. You made my day! Thanks for the purchase and the shout out. Merry weekend to you!!!

    1. Not a problem! I absolutely love your product and I can't wait for my firsties to start on it this week!! I've been patiently waiting while I worked on pre-cutting all the parts :) Can't wait to check out your other stuff!