Monday, December 9, 2013

All I Want For Christmas

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It was so incredibly different making a Christmas list this year than last year.  A year ago, I was in college getting ready to student teach & working a mere 5 hours a week giving campus tours.  I had zero money and all I wanted for Christmas was teacher clothes.  I had to redo most of my wardrobe.  Now I have a job and can buy things for myself.  This made making my list a lot harder!  What do I want when I can spoil myself so much more now?

This year, here's what I'm wanting:



I realize that sounds incredible lame, but I have this thing.  I don't believe in white socks.  I realize this sounds completely ludicrous, but there's something about how ordinary they are that I don't like.  So I don't own white socks.  I particularly like obnoxious themed socks (holidays, characters, etc) from the Target Dollar Spot.  However, seeing as how these are primarily made for children, I've decided I should be more of an adult and branch out to bigger and better socks.

Wicked Soundtrack.

After seeing the musical when it came to Kansas City, I'm DYING to get the music on my iPod, iPhone, iPad….basically everything.

This gorgeous thing.

I'm not usually a gold jewelry person, but I've been wanting this baby forever.  I adore Stella & Dot.

Yoga pants.  Let's be honest, I want these in every color.

I'm lovin' these ones in particular because of the lace band.  I'm a sucker for anything lace.

Other than these few things, I've got a whole long list of movies I'm dying to get in my stocking.  I'm a huge movie buff; these are some of my favorites I'd like to have on DVD:

-Primal Fear
-The Departed
-Training Day
-The Town
-Little Miss Sunshine
-The Green Mile
-Pitch Perfect
-Good Will Hunting
-Black Swan
-The Fighter
-A Beautiful Mind

While I realize this is a pretty dull Christmas list, I really do prefer to give than receive.  I already have ordered some incredible gifts for my parents :)  I love picking out something that I know they will love!  There are still a few more people on my shopping list, though!

As far as ideas for giving, I would suggest baking something.  I'm planning on making some homemade goodies for the girls on my first grade team and my close friends in the building.  It's easy & delicious!

What are you most excited to give?  What are YOU asking for from Santa?  I want to see your ideas and maybe I can add them to my list too ;)

Hope by my Pinterest & check out some other items I'm lusting after:

Merry Christmas!

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