Saturday, April 4, 2015

First Time Freebie

Hi friends!

It's been far too long. As you can imagine my life has been pretty hectic: teaching full-time, grad school part-time, selling Stella & Dot, my addiction to Netflix....

I'm popping in today to give you my first ever freebie. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I've never put anything out there into the world before. I pretty much just make things for my classroom and share them with my first grade teammates :)

We are knee-deep in graphing right now. We use Envision at my school but I like to supplement games and stations with great items that I find on TPT. Right now we are LOVING these games and activities from Michelle Hudgeons.

Next week we will be getting ready for testing so I want to make math more fun! We will be doing some graphing fun with Lucky Charms, Jellybeans & SKITTLES. That's what I have to share with you today. Hope you enjoy this freebie and can use it with your kiddos!

Have a great Easter weekend my lovely followers!

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