Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Currently

I so loved my first ever linky party so I decided to join the always popular Currently linky party tonight!

A big thank you to Farley for hosting this party.

Listening: Can we just talk about how weird Pandora gets sometimes?  I added Pop Fitness radio after reading about it in Cosmo and thinking it would help me start working out (it didn't).  After liking one Boyce Avenue song, it has turned into an A Cappella covers radio.  I'm not complaining but it's so strange!

Loving: This marks my fourth blog post and I finally have a FOLLOWER (thank you Susan!).  And after my link up yesterday, I hit close to 300 views.  I. Am. Shocked.  I honestly thought this would be some mini-diary that no one would ever read.  I'm so excited!

Thinking: I felt like I had accomplished so much over Thanksgiving Break, but my To Do list was still a mile long on Monday.  After staying late for two nights in a row, I have finally gotten my list down to a more manageable number (that number is nine, in case you were wondering).

Wanting: I have a shopping problem.  I always have so many ideas in my brain and on my Pinterest fashion board but often find I don't have the apparel to create my vision.  Not sure how this is possible when the rod in my closet is about to break but I digress!  I would looooove to add some more items.  The main things I'm craving right now are: statement necklaces, fall colored denim (is it too late for that?!), button downs to go under sweaters, sweaters to go over button downs and a new pair of black flat boots.

Needing: I can't decide what to do with my life!!  I want to start graduate school ASAP.  I'm hoping to go back to Northwest where I got my undergrad and do online classes/Kansas City center courses.  I'm leaning towards a Master's in Reading but I've also thought about Administration.  Thoughts??  Anyone have advice?  I'm planning on starting Summer 2014!

Favorite Tradition: I looove going and seeing the lights on the Plaza in my lovely city KCMO.  Here's what I'm talking about..

Gorgeous, right?  We always drive around and look at them on Christmas Eve.

Hope you liked this peek into my life at the moment.  Get prepared for another post soon about why I had a great day in first (because I'm OCD and didn't want to overload this post ha!)



  1. I'm not sure if I have ever accomplished 90% of my to do list! You go girl!
    Funky First Grade Fun

    1. Thanks! It's a rarity for me but it feels good :)

  2. Stopping by from Farley's link up, I am right their with your wanting I really want to go shopping for new fall/winter clothes and I completely blame pinterest. I hope its not to late for fall colored pants, I just bought a plum pair and a dark turquoise pair.

    1. Where did you find the pants?! My shopping interest is definitely intrigued now :)