Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Classroom Reveal!


I didn't post yesterday so I am sneaking it in here too :)

Thanks to Amy Lemons for making this cute little background. Here's a little bit about ME (Shelby) - the author behind First Time Firstie.

Here's my lovely home away from home. My theme is bright colors :)

View from the door :) There's LOTS of good stuff in this picture. I have 6 tables (all color-coded). The back counter is full of toolkits for Writer's Workshop that students will use at their tables. There's also paper baskets which will hold special papers for our Daily 5 writing. We will be using Cara Carroll's Work on Writing packet so each basket will hold a different type of writing: letters, lists, stories and prompts. There's also the ultra important word wall and my GORGEOUS book cover banner. Wish I had a better picture of this! My mom is a craft goddess. Also, shoutout to Maria Manore for the AMAZING tutorial (or so my mom says - ha!).

This is on the direct left of the door. This is the library where students will pick their dessert books. We wrote our own classroom rules so I won't be having the cute WBT rules up anymore :( I still need to cute-ify our rules we wrote down.

Front of the room! Obsessed with my easel.

Yes, a close up was necessary.

My desk, organizers, and Leader in Me clipchart.

Don't mind how blank everything is. This would be the first day of school - there's more up now but still lots of anchor charts to make! Also, obsessed with my Big Lots containers.

Leveled library! Can't wait to put this to good use. The baskets above are for Writer's Workshop and hold rough draft paper, writing booklets, extra booklet pages and final copy special pages (covers, about the author, etc).

What do you think? Comment with questions about where I got anything. A lot of it is new and may still be available :)

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Happy Back to School,

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Currently.

Hey friends! I'm here linking up with Farley for August Currently.

Listening: Love me some Queen B. Anyone else become obsessed with certain songs and listen to them repeatedly until they have them memorized?!?!?! Yeah…me neither.

Loving: I'm dog sitting for one of my sweet teammates and loving it! She's such a lovey dovey dog (and I can actually pick her up unlike my dog who weighs 90 lbs). I'm loving the quiet, quality time with myself. Oh okay, and Netflix.

Thinking: Sooo I totally forgot my hairdryer at my house. Which means my hair is air drying (scary town). My hair is also really thick so it's going to be awhile. Guess I won't be going anywhere haha.

Wanting: I JUST WANT TO DECORATE MY CLASSROOM. We are completely renovating our entire school this summer. Notice I am using present tense because it's not finished yet. I truly mean everything in the school: ceilings, carpet, bathrooms, library (including furniture), gym floor, cafeteria floor. All the classrooms got new little shelving too! I can't wait to get in there and get to work!! I have my fingers crossed that we can get in Monday.

Needing: I have been meaning to read Harry Wong's The First Days of School all summer. AND I just found a book one of my teammates loves at a garage sale for $2. Anyone ever read The First Six Weeks of School by Paula Denton & Roxann Kriete? My teammate swears by it. I really need to get these read especially since the first week is right around the corner!

First Day: I go back the 6th. However, most teachers are going back the 7th. I'm on our school's Lighthouse Team for Leader In Me (any other LIM schools out there?!). We are implementing it this year so we are starting a day early to do some prep work and additional training. I'm really excited! We had our 3 day training from FranklinCovey at the beginning of this week and it was great :) Kiddos come the 13th so that's right around the corner!!

Happy Back to School Season!

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Friday, August 1, 2014

How I Saved $100 At Lakeshore

Alright friends. If you know me, you know that I love shopping. If you know me well, you know that I'm secretly kind of a cheapskate. An interesting combination of my parents. I live in a constant struggle of hating to spend money and spending it like a lunatic. But when I DO spend it, I always always always wait for the perfect moment.

Disclaimer: Ignore my hot mess living room in the background of pictures. It's my storage unit for all my classroom things while my school is being remodeled.

Primary Set: SALE for $15.19
Orange & Purple: $4.99 each

Privacy Partitions (set of 10): DOORBUSTER for $16.99
Ten-Frame Set: 4-pack for $19.99

Classroom Carry-All: SALE for $15.99
Sound Phones (set of 10): DOORBUSTER for $29.99

Now, who here uses coupons? Probably all of you (and if not, you need to get on it). I used to do that, get a coupon for $15 off of $30 at Express and buy a cute top or something. Until I got smart. I started working retail and saw these women coming into the store and getting CRAZY deals! Because they doubled up.

Well, people. I quadrupled up. At Lakeshore Learning. The Holy Grail of Teacher Supplies; the best stuff on the market (and one of the most expensive!). Don't worry, though. I'm sharing my tips with you:

To opt in and start receiving messages, you can sign up at your local Lakeshore store or here online. The image here shows some of the past offers I've received. For this shopping trip, I had a 20% coupon that I used on giant magnetic ten-frames. I can't wait to use these in math this year!

You absolutely have to get their e-mails. I know getting tons is annoying, but how else would I have scored BOGO Half Off? Helllllo unifix cubes and a math game!

As you might have noticed above, I purchased a lot of their doorbuster items. Any of the links above that say DOORBUSTER will take there :)

The coveted coupon. You can't use it on door busters or for sale items, but you can use it on anything full priced! I used mine on a math game (listed below).

Who doesn't love FREE?! I already have my planner for next year, but my mom is going to use this one.

A few of the deals are only for Teacher Club Members, but it's free to sign up for so DO IT! They also offer special discounts all year for Teacher Club Members. Here's the scoop on how to sign up.

Several of the items I purchased were things already on sale! I couldn't use my coupons for them but still! Here's the other things I got (I don't have pictures for you because they weren't in stock at the store so they ordered them for me!):

Time Math Discovery Can

Addition/Subtraction Math Discovery Can

Geometry Math Discovery Can

Place Value Math Discovery Can (2nd Grade)

^I love these games. I have the place value one for first grade already & am obsessed! I went on ahead and got the 2nd grade version for my high kiddos.

Hope these tips helped you! Happy Shopping!

Also, I didn't receive anything from Lakeshore to advertise their sale - just wanted to share ways to save!

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