Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Currently.

Hey friends! I'm here linking up with Farley for August Currently.

Listening: Love me some Queen B. Anyone else become obsessed with certain songs and listen to them repeatedly until they have them memorized?!?!?! Yeah…me neither.

Loving: I'm dog sitting for one of my sweet teammates and loving it! She's such a lovey dovey dog (and I can actually pick her up unlike my dog who weighs 90 lbs). I'm loving the quiet, quality time with myself. Oh okay, and Netflix.

Thinking: Sooo I totally forgot my hairdryer at my house. Which means my hair is air drying (scary town). My hair is also really thick so it's going to be awhile. Guess I won't be going anywhere haha.

Wanting: I JUST WANT TO DECORATE MY CLASSROOM. We are completely renovating our entire school this summer. Notice I am using present tense because it's not finished yet. I truly mean everything in the school: ceilings, carpet, bathrooms, library (including furniture), gym floor, cafeteria floor. All the classrooms got new little shelving too! I can't wait to get in there and get to work!! I have my fingers crossed that we can get in Monday.

Needing: I have been meaning to read Harry Wong's The First Days of School all summer. AND I just found a book one of my teammates loves at a garage sale for $2. Anyone ever read The First Six Weeks of School by Paula Denton & Roxann Kriete? My teammate swears by it. I really need to get these read especially since the first week is right around the corner!

First Day: I go back the 6th. However, most teachers are going back the 7th. I'm on our school's Lighthouse Team for Leader In Me (any other LIM schools out there?!). We are implementing it this year so we are starting a day early to do some prep work and additional training. I'm really excited! We had our 3 day training from FranklinCovey at the beginning of this week and it was great :) Kiddos come the 13th so that's right around the corner!!

Happy Back to School Season!

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  1. Hi Shelby-I found you on Farley's currently...I'm a first grade blogger too :) I hear you about being anxious to get into the classroom to get ready for the kiddies! I have not read the first 6 weeks book, but I did read Harry Wong in grad school, good times, good book.

    Ventaneando: A Window Into First Grade Bilingüe

  2. Wow! You go back early. When did your summer start?

    Teachin' Cutie Patooties

  3. I can't wait to hear if you end up volunteering at the animal shelter! That would be amazing if there were No-Kill shelters in your town! Wow!! Your babies come back early! Good luck!!!!!

  4. I have started back at school already too. We are implementing rigor this year so, lots of pd before the kids come. Good luck with back to school!

  5. We went through renovations a few years back-frustrating at the time, but totally worth it! Hope you can get in there soon. :)

    Not Just Child's Play