Monday, March 31, 2014

XtraMath, Anyone?

Math is my life. Seriously. I love teaching math, I love seeing my students problem solve and I love seeing them utilize strategies for adding and subtracting numbers. But let's get honest, sometimes they just need to PRACTICE addition and subtraction facts. In my classroom, we take timed tests every Tuesday & Thursday. We graph our data to see how we are improving. But I'm always looking for more ways to trick my kids into learning :)

So I'm here to share an ah-mazing resource I just started using. As a first year teacher, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone & their brother already uses this.

XTRAMATH. It's a fluency website for students to practice their math facts. We started it today in my classroom. First, the kiddos take a placement test. Then you have them log on everyday to practice. The site will have them work for a certain amount of time before logging them out.  

It's perfect for my class. We get a short drill of fluency practice and I don't have to take the time to think about when to tell them to log off. THE COMPUTER DOES IT FOR ME. Brilliant.

My favorite part is that when it prompts the students to log off, it leads them back to the main screen with all the kiddos' names on it. Every student that has completed their task for the day gets a checkmark by their name. You can easily see who hasn't done their assignment yet. You can even mark students as absent!  We have 6 laptops so it makes my life so much easier since the kiddos work in shifts. Tomorrow I'm going to have the students just find the next person without a check by their name after they sign off. Easy peasy!

Check out more information about XtraMath here. They even give a checklist to set it up in your classroom so you don't forget anything :) Love!

Have you ever heard of XtraMath? Do you use it in your classroom? How do YOU have students amp up their math fact fluency?

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  1. I also use xtramath and the wiggling scholars love it! It is quick, efficient, and kid-friendly. We start every computer session with it! The parents also love that they can use it at home.