Monday, February 3, 2014

Reason #3743 Why I Have a Shopping Problem

Seriously. It's real. I used to just be shoes. Then children's books. Then Teachers Pay Teachers products. Now (apparently) it's jewelry.

Let me show you all the goodies - both school and non-school related - that I scooped up this weekend.

PRAISE to the Super Bowl sale holders. Forreal. I can't walk away from a sale. Basically, it just gave me a reason to chop a chunk out of my wish list without feeling guilty.

Here's what I bought and my opinions. Click the links to go to the product.

Dang, Cara Carroll has outdone herself! This is incredibly legit. I had been pining over this for awhile but felt like I didn't need it since I teach 1st (is that weird?!). However, a couple of my firsties are struggling still. There are so many games, activities and fun ways for your kiddos to practice different CVC words. It's amazing how MANY things are in this product. Definitely worth the money.

Another great Cara Carroll product. This packet has all the same activities and games as the CVC packet, but with CVCE words. I think this is great for 1st grade to keep practicing silent e throughout the year. I can't wait to get this printed and used in my classroom!

YAY FOR THIS. I've been wanting this since it came out! I really want to give my kiddos some extra practice with digraphs. My favorite part of this packet is that it has both beginning AND ending digraphs. I think we forget (at least I do) to give them examples of both kinds of words.

The last thing I bought was this great product from Haley O'Connor. I LOVE her products. This is a spin on the game concentration with CVC words. Definitely printing this out ASAP so I can get it going in my classroom with my struggling kiddos.

All I need now is to print off an obscene amount color copies on card stock. Any tips for this? I usually just send it to Office Max, but I know it's going to be ridiculously expensive. I'm sure a lot of bloggers print a TON of color copies & laminate them - so how do you afford it? I only have 100 color copies/year at school, so I couldn't even print all of this there. Thoughts??

As far as jewelry, here we go. I went a little crazy at Stella & Dot online.

I'm really excited for these to get here so I can get my bracelet stacking on.

What do you think? How'd I do on my shopping?



  1. You picked up some great stuff! I also love Cara Carroll. Her stuff is adorable and extremely helpful, plus she is cute as a button. I love that jewelry you picked up! I need to get my shopping on for some bracelet stacking! I've been picking up A TON of scarves and necklaces lately.
    Hope you're enjoying all this snow!!!
    Missing Tooth Grins

  2. Hey Alisha!

    Thanks for the comment - bracelet stacking is my main goal for my accessory future haha. I'm enjoying the snow for sure - 2 snow days and another tomorrow!

    Have a great rest of your week :)

  3. Wow those accessories are just beautiful ! :) I love them all and you have a fantastic blog :).