My Classroom

Here's my lovely home away from home. My theme is bright colors :)

View from the door :) There's LOTS of good stuff in this picture. I have 6 tables (all color-coded). The back counter is full of toolkits for Writer's Workshop that students will use at their tables. There's also paper baskets which will hold special papers for our Daily 5 writing. We will be using Cara Carroll's Work on Writing packet so each basket will hold a different type of writing: letters, lists, stories and prompts. There's also the ultra important word wall and my GORGEOUS book cover banner. Wish I had a better picture of this! My mom is a craft goddess. Also, shoutout to Maria Manore for the AMAZING tutorial (or so my mom says - ha!).

Front of the room! Obsessed with my easel.

Don't mind how blank everything is. This would be the first day of school - there's more up now but still lots of anchor charts to make! Also, obsessed with my Big Lots containers.

Leveled library! Can't wait to put this to good use. The baskets above are for Writer's Workshop and hold rough draft paper, writing booklets, extra booklet pages and final copy special pages (covers, about the author, etc).

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